Smoother entry for 100,000

31 Jul 2006   |  ASEAN Migrant Workers   |  Singapore  

MALAYSIA and Singapore have resolved the long-standing problem over the use of passports by the 100,000 Malaysians who commute daily to the republic for work and other purposes.

Two Indonesian maids escape gallows for killing employer

31 Jul 2006   |  ASEAN Migrant Workers   |  Singapore  

\"We in Indonesia will try to improve the quality of the domestic worker looking for work in Singapore but at the same time also appeal to employers to treat our domestic workers humanely.\"

Do Domestic Workers Need a Day Off?

31 Jul 2006   |  ASEAN Migrant Workers   |  Singapore  

Singapore courts frequently hear cases of domestic worker abuse--or those concerning retaliatory murder, the usual plea of defense lawyers on behalf of their clients being that they were driven to homicide after suffering extreme abuse.

Singapore: Indian Migrant Workers Protest

01 Jul 2006   |  ASEAN Migrant Workers   |  Singapore  

The foreign migrant workers from construction industry are protected by the Employment Act. Yet Wan Soon construction company had managed not to pay the 400 workers for more then 4 months. In Singapore, there are more then 500,000 foreign workers with wor